Presents the beloved Children’s Classic

Auditions:  Tuesday, September 29 6 PM

At the YACTS Theater in Fredericksburg

Auditions are open to any actor or actress age 13—19.  Principals include:


Male Singing (role of young child)

Male Singing (role of adult male)

Male non-singing (multiple roles of teens, young children and adult males)

Female Singing (role of young child)

Female Singing (role of adult female)

Female non-singing (multiple roles of teens, and young children)


A cast fee of $75 is required for every cast member and covers ALL supplies (including costume rental), score rental, script rental and any necessary items for choreography.  No pre-registration or additional class registration required.  Arrive at the audition prepared to present a 1-2 minute monologue and sing 16 bars of the song of your choice.  Bring accompaniment cd or digital recording or sing a cappella.  We are looking forward to welcoming you to our YACTS family.  Please call if you have any questions. 


Quality, Professional Family Theater

At Family-Friendly Prices


Performance Dates — Nov. 13—14, 2016

FOR INFO CALL  -540-850-3700


For Rehearsal Resources Click Here

The Musical!

YACTS — The Young Adult Children’s Theater of Stafford — is a teaching theater for actors and actresses age 13—19.







We teach and perform in a professional, off-Broadway size working theater with pro-audio, lighting, sets and costuming.  We are not in a temporary space and are never at the whim of someone else’s schedule.


All of our shows are family-friendly productions.  Typically classic children’s literature that has been adapted for the stage.

NO hidden fees

NO parent committees

NO additional classes


Simple, Affordable,

Educational, Fun.







This season’s Rehearsal Schedule:


Tuesdays—6—9 PM

Saturday, Oct. 10, 9—3 pm

Saturday Nov. 7, 9-3 pm

Wednesday Nov. 11, 5:30—9 PM (dress rehearsal)

Performances Nov. 13—14


Rehearsal time is maximized with quality teaching and kept to a minimum. We almost never call special or extra rehearsals unless a weather situation makes it necessary.

Book and Lyrics by Judith Viorst

Music by Shelly Markham


1120 International Parkway, Suite 111

Fredericksburg, VA  22406